Lansing Home & Garden Show Booth #2013

MNFGA will have a booth at the Lansing Home & Garden Show. You can look it up for more details and directions.

If you have questions about growing fruits and nuts in Lansing, stop by the booth to talk to one of our members. There will be an electric powered hazelnut cracker and a vacuum powered air separator for demonstration. For those without the need for power, a hand cracker will be on display with a good supply of black walnuts for cracking and tasting (Note: to meet food safety regulations, you have to crack them yourself if you want to taste them, we cannot crack them for you.). There will be photos of various, more unusual fruits and nuts. Our booth volunteers are enthusiastic people who enjoy growing their own fruits and nuts. They may not be able to answer all of your questions but can record your questions and get back to you.

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