Spring Meeting 2022: April 23

We are getting ready to have an in-person Spring Meeting on Saturday, April 23, 2022 at the MSU Farral Hall on the Michigan State University Campus in East Lansing. The Meeting will start at 9:30 with business and then progress to a general talk about growing fruits and nuts in Michigan by Bill Nash of Nash Nursery. We may then have a speaker telling about his experiences growing pomegranates in Michigan. He has a lot of events this spring, so we are not certain about this one yet.

After a potluck lunch with many items made from fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats (venison?) grown by members, we will have a grafting demonstration, a fundraising auction and a scion exchange.

We are happy to be able to meet in Farrall Hall again. Our last Meeting there was in the spring 2019.

As of March 8, 2022, we have a green light to be able to meet at Farrall Hall. With the unpredictability of the pandemic, our green light could change to yellow or red. If you would like to be notified of any late changes, please leave an email message at michigannutgrower@gmail.com. You will be put on a private distribution list that will receive an email on April 22 to let you know if we still have a green light, or not. The email will be sent with all recipients in the “Bcc” section so that your email addresses are not revealed.

We look forward to seeing current and potential new members at this event. If you are not currently a member, there will be opportunity at the Meeting to sign-up.

Summer and Fall Meeting dates and locations have not be set yet. If you are willing to have us meet at your farm, please send an email to michigannutgrower@gmail.com.

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