Nut and Fruit Diseases and Pests

Responsibility for disease spread – EVERYONE, including, but not limited to, ALL nut and fruit growers across the USA and beyond, bear the responsibility of knowing, and abiding by, the current rules and regulations regarding transporting (shipping or hand carrying) fruits, nuts and their parent plants or plant parts (scions, roots, leaves, etc.) across townships, counties, zones, states, countries and continents.

Black Walnut – Thousand Canker Disease (TCD): Michigan is a legally quarantined state. No plant material with bark attached can be brought into the state from a TCD-infected state. To be on the safest path, do not import any black walnut materials with bark on them into Michigan.

Chestnut – Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp (ACGW): Currently in Michigan. No scions or other material with intact bark should be transported within Michigan. ACGW is active south of Grand Rapids, MI and is spreading at approximately 30 miles per year. There are some natural controls that help reduce the viciousness of this disease, but when people move ACGW-infected material outside of the infected area, the natural controls cannot keep up.