Meetings & Events


There are typically three MNFGA meetings held each year.  


2022 Spring Meeting

MNFGA is planning an in-person Spring Meeting on April 23, 2022. It will be in East Lansing, MI on the MSU campus in Farrall Hall.

The Meeting will begin at 9:30am with a business Meeting.

Our first presenter after the business is completed will be Bill Nash of Nash Nursery in Owosso. Bill has an excellent PowerPoint presentation that notes and describes a surprisingly long list of fruits and nuts that grow well in Michigan.

If all goes well, our second presenter will talk about pomegranates…yes, they will grow in Michigan…amazing! This presenter has a busy schedule this spring, so he is not yet confirmed.

After the potluck lunch, there will be a grafting demonstration, fundraising auction and a scion exchange.

We look forward to meeting in Farrall Hall again. This is our first Meeting on campus since Spring 2019. As of March 8, 2022 we have a green light for this Meeting. As will all things pandemic, this is subject to change. Please look here for updates.

2021 Summer Meeting…See the “Recent Updates” section to read a review of the Smith Farm Event

August 14, 2021, Saturday, Noon

Bruce Smith Farm, 10886 Mason Drive, Grant, MI 49327

We will start at noon, August 14, 2021, with a potluck meal.  Please plan to bring a dish to pass, personal tableware and your own chair (and a folding table if you do not wish to eat from your lap).  MNFGA will furnish coffee and water.  We will have a short business meeting and then on to the farm tour. There will NOT be an auction.  The tour will involve walking around the orchards, so please bring comfortable, weather-appropriate apparel. Our host is a successful chestnut grower. He also has an interesting method to repel deer. 

If the weather is wet looking, we will have a tent and we will still trod though the rain to see the farm, only a downpour or serious lightening will stop us! 

If you are uncomfortable with the potluck meal from a virus or allergy standpoint, please plan to bring your own sack lunch…no one will mind and we will be happy to have you there.

COVID-19 rules?  PLEASE, if you do not feel well that week or that morning, DO NOT attend.  Error on the side of caution for your sake and that of your fellow MNFGA members.

More information will be in the upcoming MNFGA News.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you, and your guests, who can attend!