Meetings & Events


 There are three MNFGA meetings held each year during spring, summer, and fall.  In 2019, we will hold a separate grafting class as well as the three meetings.  Meetings vary in location and specific content but generally include a potluck, fundraising auction and a tour when held at a member’s farm.  Spring meetings are usually at the MSU East Lansing Campus. Dates, locations, and meeting details will be posted when available.

2019 Meetings & Events:

MNFGA Spring 2019 Meeting & Scion Exchange is History

When:  Saturday, March 23, 2019, 10 am (business meeting), 11:00 lunch and scion exchange

Where:  MSU Campus, East Lansing, MI

Speakers:  Chris Wright: growing edible mushrooms

                      Suede Mobley: hunting wild, edible mushrooms

Auction: fund raiser. We had nuts, jams, trees, books, nut crackers, an electric waffle maker (seriously!) and other fun things. Thanks to all who donated and bought.

Scions: Members and guests brought and took home a variety of scions for grafting.   See information about the Grafting Class below. Due to Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp presence in Michigan, there were NOT any chestnut scions or trees at the meeting.

MNFGA 2019 Grafting Class Was A Success!

When:  Saturday, April 13, 2019, 10:00 am to about 3:00 pm with a potluck lunch in the middle (participants brought a dish to pass).

Where: MSU AgBioResearch Station, 9302 Portland Road, Clarksville, MI 48815

What: Grafting 101 by Mike Dority and then hands-on grafting of apple and pear trees to take home.  There were several other experienced grafters for individual instruction at the class.

Cost: $10 donation to cover rootstocks and supplies. 

Why: Grafting is a great, simple method to clone favorite fruits and nuts

How: All materials and instructions were supplied.  Every student went home with at least one apple or pear tree they grafted.

MNFGA Summer Meeting 2019

When: July 13, 2019, noon start

Where: Portland, MI – the Charles Leik Farm, 9339 S. Keefer Highway, Portland, MI 48875. This is about 1 1/4 miles south of the I-96 freeway overpass and Grand River Highway, on the west side of Portland. Please note that the I-96 road repairs/lane closures east of Portland may delay your travels.

Who: Members and their guests and anyone else who is interested in growing nuts and fruits in Michigan.

What: Short business meeting, fundraising auction and then a tour of the historic property and tree plantings (new and old).

Special Auction Feature: The auction will include an electric-powered, black walnut husker donated by the family of the late Gordon Barlow. If you are interested in this machine, please contact MNFGA via email at for more information. Note that it will require some special accommodations to transport due to its size. Gordon’s family also donated several, single nut, nut crackers, 7-pairs of nut drying screens (24″X48″), some books and a significant quantity of several varieties of RootMaker© air rooting trays and cloth/mesh “pots.” MNFGA is grateful for this generous donation. Gordon was a Director and auctioneer for MNFGA. May he rest in peace.

Potluck: Please plan to bring a dish to pass if you can, a chair and your own table service. Coffee and ice water will be available.

Auction: In addition to the items donated by the Barlow family, there will be donated items for the auction. Something old? Something new? Something growing (trees are very popular)? You are welcome to bring something, though not obligated. The funds from the auction allow us to keep our membership dues very reasonable ($8.00 per year is quite a bargain!). (Note: due to the Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp (ACGW), please do NOT bring any chestnut trees or wood with chestnut bark to the meeting. ACGW is in SW Michigan and we do not want to speed its travel across Michigan).

Farm Tour: Charles kindly invited MNFGA to tour the Leik farm years ago. This is a follow up to see the progress of trees planted years ago and new trees and plants started since then. Charles has also done a lot of work on the historic buildings that will accommodate the meeting and lunch. MNFGA is grateful for the opportunity to have our summer meeting at the Leik farm.

MNFGA Fall Meeting 2019

October 5, 2019: Howell, MI: Tom & Kathleen Wilmoth Farm, Saturday, October 5, 2019, noon start with the potluck. Short business meeting, fundraising auction and then tour of the many growing techniques Tom and Kathleen are using.

If you would like to offer your farm/orchard or nursery as a possible location for MNFGA to tour in the future, please contact Dennis Strahle or send an email to  MNFGA reimburses expenses incurred to support a tour/visit.