Nursery Suppliers

NOTE: please do not ship chestnut trees or wood that has bark within Michigan.  The Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp (ACGW) is in southwest Michigan and we are trying to slow its spread within Michigan.

Also, please do NOT import any black walnut trees, scions or other black walnut wood with the bark intact into Michigan.  Michigan is under government quarantine for black walnut due to the encroaching Thousand Cankers Disease throughout the mid-west.  TCD will destroy Michigan’s black walnut trees the same as the emerald ash borer has done to ash trees in Michigan.

PLEASE ask any of the Board members if you have any questions about any of the above.

Nash Nurseries

Forrest Keeling

Grimo Nut

Nolin River Nut Nursery

Rhora’s Nut Farm & Nursery

Englands Orchard & Nursery

Grandpa’s Orchard

Oikos Tree Crops

Raintree Nursery

One Green World

Burnt Ridge Nursery

Nature and Nurture Seeds (Vegetable and edible plant seeds, open pollinated (heirloom), sustainably grown)

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