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The MNFGA has a diverse member base ranging from farmers and homesteaders to backyard orchardists and hobby enthusiasts. Between the special interest groups and the general nuttiness of the group, you can almost always find someone to answer your questions. So whether you’re looking to raise pawpaw trees from seed, establish a backyard chestnut orchard, or try out a new uncommon fruit— the MNFGA will provide the support you need.  Are you interested in becoming a member of the Michigan Nut & Fruit Growers Association? Sign up and attend a meeting—we welcome new members and look forward to expanding our membership. We also encourage you to get involved with our online community and get a taste of what we’re about by visiting the MNFGA photo albums.

Becoming a member gives you access to The MNFGA News which is sent out three times a year before each meeting and includes practical articles from members, association updates, meeting details, and more.

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